Vital Things You Ought to Know Before Starting to Prune Your Trees

A tree that has been pruned wrongly may not grow back as hair does. Your favorite tree is likely to dry due to so much pruning on the top, making a wrong chop or pruning in the wrong timing. It is therefore advisable to equip yourself with the facts before you embark on the mission of pruning your trees. This will help you not to kill your trees accidentally. Below are some of the things you are required to know before you start trimming. See this website.

The first thing you need to avoid is chopping off the top. You do not have to pick a power saw to hack off the top of your trees just because you have neighbors who are not happy with your trees blocking the sun to satisfy them. One of the major mistakes that people make is cutting the leaves off or over pruning a big part of the crown. Topping does not only leave your tree disfigured but also makes the leaves weak, and the support structure as well which may result in the death of the tree.

Also, timing is vital when it comes to pruning. There are both good and times for trimming your tree depending on the weather condition as well as the species of the tree. You are likely to kill the tree if you have no idea about the basics especially when it is the right or wrong time for pruning. There are species whose ideal trimming time is summer; others spring while others should only be pruned in the fall. It is therefore wise to have a qualified arborist inspect your trees before you start pruning any of them. Discover more here:

Improper cuts can lead to killing your trees. When you cut off branches too close to the trunk, the branch collar is removed. The branch collar has special cells that aid the tree to heal from being cut. Once you cut off this area, the wound might be infected by pests as well as disease and end up killing your tree. If you fail to take the right precautions when cutting big branches, it is possible for you to make your trees more susceptible to pests in addition to diseases.

Also, to that, you are advised to consider not over pruning. It is possible to kill your tree whenever you over prune it for the sake of providing more room for grass as well as other plants. In general, you ought not to prune off more than 15-20% mature foliage of the trees. In case you desire to make room for other plants, you are advised to better remove several trees completely instead of risking to kill them by over pruning. To learn more click here:

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